Infrared Thermographic Inspections

4-Way Inspection Services has over 40 years of combined experience and has been performing infrared thermographic inspections throughout the Edmonton region as well as western Canada and the Northwest Territories. All of our technicians are certified thermographers as well as journeyman electricians. From main distribution powerlines and substations to electrical distribution throughout various facilities, 4-Way Inspection Services uses industry leading FLIR infrared equipment to rapidly and accurately pinpoint the thermal anomalies that threaten the safety and reliability of your electrical systems.

About Infrared Thermographic Inspections:

An infrared thermographic inspection is an important form of non-destructive testing that has become an essential predictive maintenance tool and is performed with a non-contact portable infrared imaging system. This equipment detects infrared energy (heat) emitted from an object which is invisible to the human eye. Through the use of an infrared camera, one can quickly find problems that can cause fires, harm personnel or private citizens, and/or damage equipment resulting in production downtime.

The resulting cost-saving and safety benefits of this type of inspection includes energy savings, the protection of equipment and capital investment, reduced insurance premiums, efficient diagnosing of problem areas (hot spots), establishing repair priorities based on severity and the critical nature of the item being inspected, setting quality standards and more. Although infrared thermographic inspections are often carried out for insurance purposes, an inspections true value is being part of a predictive maintenance program. This service will show cost benefits that will vastly outweigh the costs of the inspection.

Types Of Infrared Thermographic Inspections:

There are several types of infrared thermographic inspection depending on the application it is going to be used for. The different types of inspections are as follows:

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