Roof Moisture Infrared Thermographic Inspection

Roof Moisture

Why Conduct A Roof Moisture Infrared Thermographic Inspection?

An infrared roof moisture inspection is a non-destructive inspection procedure that consists of scanning all accessible roof surfaces to detect and accurately map subsurface moisture. This inspection identifies small problems before they become larger and costly. It also accurately targets problem areas which can save the customer thousands of dollars on unnecessary roof repairs. Infrared imaging offers greater potential for detecting and accurately mapping subsurface roof moisture than other non-destructive testing methods.

4-Way Inspection Services uses industry leading FLIR infrared equipment to capture the thermal signature of the roof’s nighttime heat loss. As the entire roof begins to cool after sunset, areas with trapped subsurface moisture will retain the sun’s heat longer than normal dry areas. These abnormal areas are depicted as warmer areas on the viewing screen of infrared camera.

Although the wet insulation usually shows up as a bright area on the viewing screen, not all abnormalities can be attributed to trapped moisture. Exhaust from roof-mounted fans, heaters suspended below the roof, slight differences in construction materials, and repairs on areas that have been re-roofed often resemble trapped moisture on the viewing screen.

When abnormal areas are located, their boundaries can be marked with spray paint at the discretion of the customer.

An infrared image combined with a digital photograph and a roof plan documenting the location of wet areas can be provided in a comprehensive report. Based on this, management can make informed decisions regarding roof repair or replacement.

How Can I View The Results From The Inspection?

All inspections are followed with a comprehensive report including but not limited to:

  • A detailed equipment list of all areas inspected
  • A detailed report of all problem areas
  • Both an infrared image as well as a conventional digital image of the problem area identified
  • All reports will be compiled in a professional report and delivered via email to stay green and help save the environment. For those clients that wish to have a hard copy delivered, one copy of the report will be included complimentary in the cost of the inspection.
  • Next day report delivery guaranteed to all our clients via email if requested

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