Electrical Motor Testing

Motor Testing

4-Way Inspection Services utilizing ALL-TEST PRO technology can test various electric motors throughout facilities to determine the overall condition of each individual motor. With this equipment, we can trend results from previous intervals which allows us to identify failing components prior to catastrophic failure. At 4-Way Inspection Services, we customize motor testing preventative maintenance programs to fit each individual customers needs.

Why Test Motors?

Regular testing of electrical motors can provide many benefits to a business, such as financial savings, energy conservation, improved safety and increased uptime. Without proper testing and preventative maintenance, unexpected costly repairs and downtime is likely to occur.

This testing is used on a regular basis to observe current and voltage analysis as well as determine the functioning components within a motor. These components include the windings and the rotor bar. It can also identify deficiencies such as broken or loose rotor bars, rotor eccentricity, problems with the end rings and misalignment problems.

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